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Tibs Tattoo Palor

Post  Ruinily on Fri Jul 23, 2010 11:50 pm

When you step through the dark blue doorway into the busy looking room the first thing you notice is the strong smell of ink. The well lit walls are covered in mad colourful splashes and dashes of what looks like paint, or maybe its the ink that you can smell. The place looks a little like an art studio crossed with a beauty salon as along with many paintings on the walls there are also large mirrors. The floor is teaming with all sorts of pets that look like their being drawn on by several attendants in the shop. What looks like a blonde piece of female human shaped artwork cheerfully skips towards you with an eager look and overly gesturing with a strange long ink pen.
'Hi I'm Tibs! Most people seem to think I'm weird, but I dont think I am. So is there any wonderfully wicked I can etch on your pets? Its pretty harmless, we use a special ink that soaks into the flesh and dies the fur, skin or even stone! Its really awesome stuff! Oh it does shift about a little on the surface of the fur though as you can see on my wonderful model, my pet Snowy! His white fur shows the patterns beautifully doesnt it? We also do an amazing craft with jewels, its a bit more pricey but well worth it! You can add glistening gems to your pets fur or skin with a specially formulated sticky kind of stuff, though dont worry it doesnt harm anything, and it doesnt drop off either! You can see how amazing it look on my sheep, Star! Now dont go crazy, we really cant put patterns or jewels on tiny pets like those mice warrior things, and the delicate moths are way too tricky. Obviously black ink doesnt show up on black pets so on dark creatures we use white instead. And if you dont tell me where to put the tattoo or jewel I'll put it on the head, shoulder or haunch depending on which is the best looking bit of skin. Got it? Now check out the table of items and let me know if I can attack your pet with my wonderful art!'
Butterfly tattoo
A cute little blue butterfly for your pet!
Eye tattoo
Add eyes anywhere you like on your pet. Note these are sadly not working eyes, just ink.
Gothic tattoo
Inspired by twisting gothic patterns enhance your pets dark side with this tattoo.
Heart tattoo
A pretty little pink heart to show how your pet really feels!
Pentacle tattoo
A tattoo for aspiring witches and occultists.
Rose bloom tattoo
A tender rose to decorate your pet.
Body ring
A gold body ring that can be placed anywhere on your pet. Popular places include ears, eyebrows and nose.
Polished sapphire
This precious blue gem has been known to help with meditation and clearing minds.
Polished ruby
This precious red gem has been known to help with matters involving blood and cleansing it.
Polished emerald
This precious green gem has been known to help with youthful rejuvenation.
Polished citrine
This precious yellow gem has been known to help with energizing.
Polished amethyst
This precious purple gem has been known to help with the realm of dreams.
This beautiful grey gem has been known to help with purifying though is is a symbol of quiet sadness.
Cut sapphire
Gleaming brightly this azure spiritual stone is rumoured to help with matters of loyalty.
Cut ruby
Gleaming brightly this crimson heart stone is rumoured to help with invoking powerful emotions.
Cut emerald
Gleaming brightly this viridian binding stone is rumoured to help with the commitment of people.
Cut citrine
Gleaming brightly this golden happiness stone is rumoured to help lighten peoples dispositions.
Cut amethyst
Gleaming brightly this violet mental stone is rumored to help all kinds of mental processes.
Gleaming brightly this clear legendary stone is rumoured to greatly help with all sorts of healing.
To order a tattoo or jewel copy and paste the following form with your options filled in onto a new reply in this thread. Or if you want to order on the pet site copy and paste it to this private message with the title Tibs.
Pet id: (Its the number at the end of the url on your pets page. Example:1020)
Tattoo/jewel: (If you want two on the same pet list them. Example:Butterfly tattoo and ruby)
Place of tattoo/jewel: (Example:Shoulder and head)
Payment: (Gems or masks. Example:50gems and 15masks)

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