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Post  Nightstooth on Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:29 am

As Felkyo is still down for me, I've quit a lot of the webgames I used to be on when I was busy, and it seems like half of my computer games don't work on my new computer, I'm looking for some kind of game on the web to join. I don't care much for mmorpgs, and I'd much rather have it be something that I can play in my browser. I don't mind pet breeding sim games as long as there's lots to do that doesn't involve breeding. I've already played a few breeding games, and I find I can't keep track of who's related to who after I get a lot of pets (I don't mind collecting them, though). I do like the fantasy genre, too. I also don't really have a way to pay for things on the net so make sure what you suggest doesn't cost anything in real money to use most of the site and it's nothing that I have to sign up for any kind of weird advertising thing that I know is on some games. I don't want a lot of junk e-mail.

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Re: Other Webgames

Post  Ruinily on Wed Jun 20, 2012 11:37 am

I really should have replied to this sooner... I feel so behind on things... hopefully I'll finish the big update and manage to get on top of things. Spirited I dont really play any browser games, I tended to download free mmorpg's like Grand Fantasia. There was runescape which was a browser game, but that gets a bit boring after a while when you're grinding skills and fighting with ten people over a single ore... I know theres a ton of popular browser based games, I used to love adventure quest... Though I cant think of any breeding games that I played on a browser. I used to play the virtual life sims like Catz 1-5 and every single Creatures game that came out. I think you might be able to download the first version of those games free now since no one cares anymore...

But anyway recently Diablo 3 came out, and thats just taken up all my gaming needs and time. XD

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