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Post  Ruinily on Sun Mar 18, 2012 1:13 pm

This is about the upcoming puzzles, so I'd like some input on this preview.

One is based on tarot cards and spotting little details, so you may need a magnifying glass for this one... though one of my testers suggested blowing up the cards so people could actually have a chance of seeing details... but I love my tiny cards. D: So what do you all think?

Can you spot the wolf, the tigers and the turtle? The empress and the turtle world card still need shading.

And theres also going to be a sort of crossword, I've faded the words into the background a bit to help though. Spirited I've thought of just leaving the partly faded letters and see if people can figure them out, or maybe I should put clues underneath as well, I dont know. I was also thinking of having a hard and easy option for those that wanted a bit more of a challenge on these, maybe the easy one had clues and the hard one was just the picture? Or if their easy enough to read and guess maybe I should just have the easy one less faded and the hard one very faded? What does anyone think about that? all the crosswords have different themes by the way, and theres a lot more than these two...

coastal crossword

hard to see star crossword

easier star crossword

I also have some cypher and symbol translating puzzles with pretty pictures and themes, but their pretty straight forward so I think I'll just put them up when its all ready. Spirited Please give me some tips and help! I'll take anything! XD

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