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Post  Ruinily on Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:49 pm

Today halloween kicks off! The gallows are always opened for people that want to get in their halloween mood with the three halloween pets,(Trick or treat bag, Osequus, and the undead monkey) but at halloween instead of having to try over and over to get them you will be able to get them instantly after hearing the story. And remember the Mhoderny undead dog is in the Byseniath Moors portal as usual.

I'll be posting up pictures of my handmade pumpkins as usual, anyone else can also post their pumpkin or halloween pictures up. Content If you know a good chilling story like the ones on the site then feel free to share it as well! I hope you all have some spine tingling fun this halloween. Vampire

Available in the main shop on the 31st of october.

Available at the gallows.

Available on the moors.

And maybe more...

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