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Taylors toy shop

Post  Ruinily on Sun Jul 25, 2010 10:38 pm

In this shop the air is warm and vibrant, much like the colouring on the walls and shelves. Stuffed toys and fun objects fill the shop bringing back memories of childhood when even the cleverest person can be amused by a mere ball. The pets that are in the store definitely seem amused as they dig amongst the toys bringing their favourites back their owners in the hopes of a treat from the toy shop. Another happy looking inhabitant of the shop is the guy behind the counter, a bright smile lights his face under a messy mop of light brown hair. Deep wood coloured eyes catch you and the smile somehow brightens as he calls out to you and gestures for you to come nearer.
'Hey, I'm Taylor, welcome to my little shop of wonderment, has anything caught your eye? I'm sure theres something here that would be supurfect for your little pets, how about one of those cuhfluffily soft toys? Or the old fire ball never fails to enterjoy. So let me know if I can wrap up one of the loveuddly things for you, though unless you tell me where to put it the toys will automatically appear next to the creatures first set of limbs. Usually this is the front pair of legs, or fins. Our toys can be enjoy by any pet, though the smaller ones might just hide behind them, theres not much we can do about that sorry.'
Pot plants
For the quieter nature loving pet get them a plant to make them feel at home, or maybe nibble. Luckily their not toxic and have beautiful flowers in red, yellow and blue.
Element balls
Tough bouncy spheres for hours of fun with any creature! The fire one has bright fiery colours, the water one is semi transparent showing the liquid inside, the earth one has a good texture for gripping and chewing, and the air one is the lightest, its easy to throw for a good distance.
Cute soft toys waiting to be your pets new companion! These hand stitched plush round creatures come in patchwork colours and black and white.
What was once a tasty treat is now a toy often use for activities like burying and chewing.
To order a toy copy and paste the following form with your options filled in onto a new reply in this thread. Or if you want to order on the pet site copy and paste it to this private message with the title Taylor.
Pet id: (Its the number at the end of the url on your pets page. Example:1020)
Toyl: (If you want two on the same pet list them. Example:Water ball and red plant.)
Place of toy: (Example: Both front left paw.)
Payment: (Gems or masks. Example:100gems and 5masks)

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