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Fortune telling

Post  Lizzy on Wed Jun 23, 2010 5:05 pm

Hi, I'm Lizzy and I decided to set up a small divination service here for anyone that wants to try it. This is a serious thing, not role playing. I'll give a bit of explanation first. Spirited


Reading runes is the art of casting small items, (usually pebbles) with symbols applied onto a surface and seeing how they lie to find out something. Often it is used to learn of the future problems or lessons that you need to learn in your life. Although there are many different of runes and readers the runes I use are the traditional Elder Futhark runes. Mythically they are the symbols that the God Odin managed to recover after sacrificing an eye and spending days hanging in a tree to gain the ultimate knowledge. Luckily now that we know the runes the information is much easier to get. It was used as an ancient alphabet for Germanic tribes, and although it came under much scrutiny from the encroaching Christians it survived on with amazing strength unlike many other ancient traditions.
So sit beneath the world tree, and ask what you will of me.
One Rune Spread - 5M
A single rune is cast to find a simple answer to a simple problem.
Three Rune Spread - 7M
A short reading of three runes to point you in the right direction.
Four Elemental Spread - 7M
The runes use an elemental pattern to give insight into a situation.
Four Quarters Spread - 10M
Similar to the three rune spread this one looks at what happens on different paths leading from a situation.
Runic Cross Spread - 10M
A short reading of a upcoming challenge, about what caused it and where it is going.
Three Lifetimes Spread - 12M
You can find out what you learned or experienced in a previous life, in your current life and the next life.
Week Reading - 12M
A short rune guide for each day throughout the upcoming week.
World Tree Spread - 14M
This spread asks the great world tree what lesson you will need to learn in your current life.
Heimdales 8 Spread - 20M
A detailed layout of a situation, it looks at all the surrounding details and the outcome.
Astrological spread - 20M
The Astrological spread uses the patterns of the heavens houses to help give you answers to your questions. It is much more random than usual spreads, and is more of a throw.


I ching is an ancient Chinese practice of fortune telling. It usually uses either Chinese coins, or traditional yarrow stalks and complex line patterns called hexagrams. It depends on which way up the coins land to help give advice on you circumstances. It has no different spreads, which makes it simpler in that respect, however it is much harder to read and translate the coins. It needs a definite question, and it should be a serious one.
I ching reading price. - 8M

If you want to order a reading then fill out the form below and either post it in the thread or send it to me in a pm. I will respond as quickly as possible in a pm. Content

Preferred name: (your real name, your username, or whatever you want to be called. Cheery )
Your question: (What you want to find out about. It can include a few questions, but it is best to keep one topic to one spread, and use another for a different question. )
Type of reading: ( The type of divination, for example; 'Runes- 3 rune spread', or if its I ching then its just 'I-ching'.
Any other information: (Anything else that you think I might need to know. )

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