Wasted plains, Battle Field of the damned.

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Wasted plains, Battle Field of the damned.

Post  Fayte on Thu Jun 17, 2010 6:52 pm

What lay before you now in the form of a charred and blackened field, Stands the remains of an ancient battle ground used by thousands a hundred times over .From times long passed , This place has witnessed the fall and rise of both heroes and kings, And yet it remains empty and unused until the time comes that it will one day bring either luck or curse to brave warriors that dare stand upon it.
The sky ,forever burdened and stained by clouds of the deepest purple, cracks with lightening as it creates a doom felt atmosphere that is only ever parted once by a rare seldom breeze that parts the clouds for an instant letting the moon of perpetual night shine upon the blood drenched soil that many have fallen upon.Surrounded on one side by unforgiving mountains and the other a dense forest of the harshest trees and animals, The area continues to remain hidden and unaccessible by the hands of the innocent, only discovered by those worthy enough to tred its hallowed ground.
Existing behind the the boundaries of our world, Only the strong and the worthy manage to seek the battle ground that has seen angels and demons bout ferociously for centuries.It continues to lay dormant waiting for the time it is needed once more, It's scenery never changing bar the efforts of the warring few.

From Past to present , Present to future, The Area continues to wait as it exists behind the laws of time yet is still governed by them.

If you find yourself here,all hopes goes to you.

This is a walk in, So i hope you have fun.


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