Chiteren Open Kitchen

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Chiteren Open Kitchen

Post  Fayte on Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:50 pm

From time to time you notice ,if you sat close , the constant opening and closing of grand oak door in the corner of the Cafe.Accompanying the waiters and waitresses in the bustle in and out wafts a scent of pure indulgence.For behind this door lay the grandest kitchen one would ever lay their eyes on.Food from all around the world grill and sizzle as a legion of chefs tend to each ingredient with perfect care and believe it or not, It is open to the public.
The chefs are always looking out for new recipes and tips on how to improve their dishes.

So if you grow dreary of the comfortable seating area and wish to converse about food, Just push that door open and mingle.

A thread for recipes,Tips,Reviews or just plain food talk.


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