Shows square

Shows square, also known as the performers square, is often busy and noisy with street performers of all kinds and crowds watching them. If you are lucky sometimes there will be a big band playing in the large bandstand gazebo that is in the centre at the back of the square. Set up around the square's brick laid edge are all sorts of attention grabbing acts, some better than others. There are snake charmers, sword swallowers, fire breathers, jesters and jokers, magicians, street gamblers, and a variety of musicians from singers to accordion players. The best performers are surrounded by a crowd of awed people, though the fire breathers have a large area to perform in as their flames are often magic enhanced and can blow out into huge dragons that spiral into the sky within seconds.

You are drawn into one of the crowds that is watching an amazing fire breather and his unusual but powerful looking pet. The agile, lean, blonde haired and topless man in simple black pants dances, fights and performs acrobatic stunts with the scorching flames. He is accompanied perfectly by the large red scaly lizard that howls primordial roars, glides and leaps around his fire and moves adding its own flame jets. The tempo of their movement gradually increases as he builds up for his final act. The man suddenly pauses, then spits several large fireballs out of his mouth, one red, one blue, one white and one green. The ethereal comets blaze around him as he effortless twists, spins, punches, kicks and backflips in midair over the deadly surreal flames that orbit and react to him. The fearsome dragon flies through the fireballs narrowly avoiding having its bat like wings seared as it gracefully loops and turns in the air with amazing skill. The heat of the fire can be felt by everyone in the crowd as it burns through the air in amazing arches. The sense of danger teases the crowd as a couple of the fireballs chased by the crimson dragon roaring and hissing race above the crowds heads. Eventually the fire dancer raises his arms and the fireballs automatically aim for the air far above his head where they all collide in a explosive, loud and very colourful bang sending multicoloured sparks and embers scattering on the wind. The dragon easily glides back to its owners side and with a proud elegance stands next to the fire breather. He simply grins and bows to the audience as they throw their currency at him then cheer and roar for more. However he just smiles and shakes his head at their request for an encore. The people eventually disperse to watch someone else as he starts gathering up the scattered earnings while the dragon creature sits watching another fire breather on the other side of the square.

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