Rec center

Recreation centre

As you enter the foyer of the impressive and very colourful building you find out the inside is just like the outside. The light is filtered through the surrounding glass in a rainbow sheen of iridescence that is almost as breathtaking as the surrounding art. Huge perfectly sculpted statues and vibrantly dynamic paintings cover the wall and the huge mosaic of twisting animals and plants that flow effortlessly in spiraling patterns along the floor under your feet. This is obviously a centre for creativity and enjoyment, which is further proved by echoing faint sounds of choirs harmoniously serenading anyone within a few miles, the screams of children having a lot of fun in some boisterous activity, and the whirring hum of machinery. Its undoubtably at work either creating some more artwork or making artwork of someones body in the gym hidden away in the folds of the jovial resplendence. This symphony of past times is punctuated by muted explosions, probably a busy firing range. While vaguely wondering how all these things could come together under one roof you wander about the entrance wondering where to go.

Inspect the unusual sign pointing down a corridor labeled 'Mentalists guild'

Leave and go out