rubbish hole

The rubbish dump hole

The horrific smell is overwhelming as you step into the gigantic room that contains all the rubbish created in Loreuna. Before the mysterious black hole appeared in the Loreunean landscape the rubbish was simply dumped in whatever world the teleporting city happened to be in. However this wasnt very economic, and sometimes difficult in certain hostile landscapes. So when a black hole opened under the ground near the gallows although at first it was worrying it soon became immensely helpful as it supposedly harmlessly dissolved all rubbish no matter how toxic, tough, or even magical it is. However some people worry about it growing larger, or the magic from some of the rubbish contaminating other objects in worrying ways. But since there havent been any serious incidents so far and the hole seems stable the garbage continues to endlessly flow into the black swirling void.

Was there something moving in the rubbish over there?

Inspect the ornate cupboard nearby

You decide to go somewhere else