The Lakeside

You seem to have wandered a good distance away from the town, but you can still see the edge of the beautiful lake glimmering in the light. Though as you look a little longer you notice a movement down by the edge of the water. Curious by the yoga like movements the person is doing you innocently wander a little closer. As you near you can see it is a slim and well toned female with brown silky hair rippling in waves down her back. The soft and smooth practiced moves she performs are almost hypnotizing to watch. The slow dance is amplified by her shimmering silky light blue robes with long sleeves draped with swinging lines of blue glass beads that sparkle in the light. Drawn in by the overwhelming beauty of the lady, her flowing dance and the scenery you suddenly find yourself so close to the waters edge that the waves lick at your shoes. The enigmatic lady gracefully turns and looks at you with a knowing smile. When she speaks it sounds reminiscent of a Russian accent, but much softer, with a occasional vaguely Oriental lilt. 'You were brought here by the call of the water were you not? My dance lets me move within the waves, and roll with its grace. Would you like to feel the water's emotion?' she asks quietly spreading an arm in a gesture towards the water. Although you briefly wonder if she meant to ask do you want to go for a swim, with her other hand she suddenly reaches out and places it lightly over your mouth. But before you can react the invading hand is withdrawn back into the silky folds of the robe. Her pale blue eyes flash with a content joy as she seems happy with whatever she did. 'Now that you can breath in the water can you prove you understand the lakes power and retrieve to me a special round blue egg from the lakes depths?'

You politely shake your head and decide to go somewhere else.