Hospital room

Hospital entrance

As soon as you enter the Loreuna hospital you know you're in a hospital. There is the usual strong smell of disinfectant and the walls are all covered in a cool white plaster. There are a few people waiting around the entrance, a mixture of new patients waiting, old patients getting some air, and medical staff coming and going. Since its the only hospital in Loreuna its understandable why its is busy, especially when theres so many different and almost alien beings and diseases in the town. Looking around you can see a few strange things already, just as the dryad being treated for a nasty looking leaf rot, or the thin looking man covered in blue boils. Thankfully they wouldnt let any patient with a serious or contagious illness down in the reception, so you cant help wondering what the worse health problems look like.

You decide to have a look around the hospital

You decide to go somewhere else