Hangman square

Surrounding you on this dim night the wooden platforms creak ominously in the chilling dusky wind. The towering instruments of death sit still and thankfully empty under the brooding and sinister clouds that flee through the sky. Thoughts of how many people had been executed only several feet from where you stand sends a cold shiver down your spine. This gloom drowned square is the creepiest part of Loreuna, famous for its foreboding atmosphere and fantastical ghost stories due to its obvious association with death. Unwanted but unable to stop them the memories of stories involving the dead flutter though your mind as a tenebrous cloud skids across the moon bathing the area in darkness for a moment. The air grows instantly and noticeably colder, making you shiver even more. You get the feeling you need to leave this somber shady square and turn to leave. However at that moment the eerie moonlight comes back revealing the figure of a black clothed crone standing just behind you. Of course you jump in fright, how had she got there? Why was she there? Who was she? You open your suddenly dry mouth to speak, but then her eyes flick up from under ragged and wild strands of dirty ashen hair, the pale orbs with icy depths feel like they are looking right into your soul. Your mouth hangs open, the words trapped within the powerful binding fear this place and the woman has placed on you. The torn coal coloured cloth garments she wears shift slowly around her as she takes a step closer. The hair on the back of your neck stands up, you dont want her closer, you want to run but you cant. Both yours and her eyes, cold as death itself, are now locked on, staring as if your life depended on it. Then a smile crinkles the weathered wrinkly skin, though it is not the friendly smile you would get from an elderly relative, it was a sharp smile laced with the look of malevolence. In a creaky decrepit voice she croaks, 'would you like a story my child? You may get something out of it.'

You shake your head and quickly decide to escape to somewhere less creepy